last week i went up to app for a job fair and it was so nice to be in boone again. it was only the 2nd or 3rd time iv been up there in the last 2 years. it was great to catch up with old friends and to make a few new ones.  it was kind of nostalgic  being back… coffee and scones at espresso news… dinner at black cat… hanging out in crossroads with the RUF crew. it was like i had never left.

while in boone i did a few interviews and moments after i was explaining to a girl that after just one summer at camp you are connected to thousands of people around the world and it really helps you see how small the world is, i got a text that from kate m saying she was sitting in espresso news and someone walked in and saw her MM sticker on her computer and freaked out and they immediately bonded over the the very important fact that they were both of the best tribe, choctaw (duh). our tribes at camp are our identity in so many ways.. it really is the first question you ask someone when you find out they went to MM.

how funny…

this morning the 6 yr olds in my sunday school asked me “who are you married to?”

and i responded, “im not married to anyone”

they responded… but you’re too old to not be married!

then another little girl asked… “are you a grandma?”

needless to say it was a very funny morning.


i love going to the movies! i love everything about it.. the atmosphere, the smell of popcorn, the taste of popcorn, twizzlers, pre-views, the actual movie… all of it.

my most recent movie: The Kings Speech

….which im sure everyone knows is amazing, if for no other reason than for its 12 Academy Award nominations.

Colin Firth and Geoffery Rush are fantastic.

the movie was witty, heart wrenching, captivating, beautiful, and just all around great!  by far the best movie if seen in a few years… and i go to a lot of movies.

we did however throw around a few jokes about how british films always have a of an over lap when it comes to actors…. and at one point dave brought up how they must have called around to everyone who had been killed off of Harry Potter to get a few of them.

i would love to go see it again.


another film i want to see..


i saw this on another blog but thought that it looked so awesome that decided to re-blog it.


yesterday a friends facebook status was, “im ready for summer.”

and just reading that gave me anxiety… i am SOO not ready for summer. i have staff to hire and aca standards to meet before i can even think about the fact that summer is… 3 1/2 months away.. (there is that anxiety again) the last 2 years i have had this awful nightmare that camp was starting and nothing was ready. it is utterly terrifying. way worse than the nightmares i used to have as a child (my dad can tell you about how I used to sleep with a hammer under my mattress… just in case) there was also a time where i used to have an overnight bag tied on to my bed incase there was a flood and i was floating away on my mattress.. i would have everything i might needed. i was such a strange child.

my mom just told me that obama was in the UP this week… he must have read my blog post about how great the upper peninsula of michigan is. apparently he went to “Donker’s,” a candy store that encompasses a huge portion of my childhood memories. i can remember going in there and mr. donkers letting jay and i fill little white bags with whatever candy we wanted.. when we were done he would put all of our little white bags in a few HUGE white paper bag that had a little green “Donker’s” stamp on the outside and jay and I would walk back to our great grandmothers house (just around the corner) and sort through everything we got… giant jawbreakers, swedish fish, snow caps,gummy bears, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered cherries, truffles, lake superior pebbles, and of course donker’s famous fudge.  it really is kind of insane to think about how much sugar we ate when we were up there.

now donker’s has been sold and has been turned into a candy store/ lunch counter. it is really cute and the food is delicious. when my friends from camp and i went up this summer we had lunch there and it was great, it was the first time i had been in since it was sold and i was pleasantly surprised.

check it out.


men are funny…

sometimes i just like to listen to the men i work with talk… they are funny, and wise, and i am constantly learning so much from them. i really am… you see the 4 men i work with are perfect examples of some of the different stages of relationships and they all bring such wisdom to the table. you have the married with high school aged kids, married with young kids, married without kids, and the newly dating… all we really need is the engaged one but i think that even though will is not working here now i got i little glimpse into that last year as he was preparing to propose to anna.

last year all the men had different opinions of what they thought will should do in terms of the ring, one guy said will and anna needed to go and look at rings together, another mentioned that he needed to at least have a conversation asking her what sort of elements she would want. but interestingly they all argeed he should in no way purchase a ring without having gotten some info on what she would want because in their minds there is no way for a man to pick out the a ring on his own. which was hilarious to listen to.

recently there has been a lot of talk about how when you get married you really start to see a fuller picture of your sin, but when you have children it is like that picture is under a magnifying glass. interesting…

today we had a man come to camp for a meeting and as well sat around the conference room table discussing different camp things (isn’t it awesome how vague i am being here) and towards the end the conversation turned more casual and less business. our visitor started telling stories about when a friend of his got married the friend started to realize the seriousness of what he was about to do… basically as his soon-to-be wife was walking down the isle. then it changed to a story of another man he knows and when describing him he said…

“he is so smart that if he is not careful he is going to be without work, you have to be a little stupid sometimes to find a job and get married”

which can totally be taken the wrong way but in terms of how he meant it i thought it was wise… sometimes we are all a little too smart for our own good.